How to Bulk Upload WordPress Media Files using FTP


Do you want to upload media files to WordPress via FTP? By default, WordPress will not include these media files, but everything is a solution.

In this article, I will tell you what the reason may be to upload media files via FTP and how to ensure that they are subsequently included in the media library.

Why upload media files via FTP?

Through WordPress you can, as you probably already know, upload files via the menu item Media or the Add Media button in the WordPress editor.


For many cases, this is sufficient to upload files and you will never have to step on FTP.

In a number of situations, it is very useful. For example, it may be that you have a maximum upload limit. You could increase this, but if this does not work, uploading files to FTP is an excellent solution.

It is also possible that you really want to upload a lot of files and that this does not work well with the WordPress media library. FTP is often just a bit nicer and faster.

So if you ever get into the situation that you prefer to upload media files to your WordPress website via FTP, then you can do the following.

Upload files via FTP to your website

Once logged in you can go to the wp-content/uploads/folder In this folder you can see all the dates and in the folders of the years, you will see folders with figures of the months. You can upload the files in these folders.


If the folder does not yet exist of the year or month, you can create it manually. Once all files have been uploaded, it is important to connect them to the WordPress media library.


Link media files with the WordPress media library

After you have uploaded all the files, you will discover that they are not yet in the media library. The link with the database is simply not yet because it has not been uploaded via WordPress itself.

To connect to the WordPress media library, you can add the “Add from Server” plugin to your WordPress website. Once installed and activated you can go to “Media -> Add from server”.

At the top of Quick Jump, you can click on “Uploads folder”, so that you immediately come to the right page to import the images. As soon as the files are visible you have to check whether these are checked and then you can click the “Import” button.

The plugin will already do the work for you and add the files to the WordPress media library



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