Add Google AdSense Ads Between Posts In WordPress


You may have seen many websites and blogs that contain advertisements between the content of the post. But if you are a beginner, you will find that there are only options in ads in sidebars in WordPress. In this article, we will know that you can add ads as well as those blogs and sites.

It is actually very easy to insert ads between the middle of WordPress’s post content. You just need a plugin for this. Although many plugins are available to place between ads in a post, today main will tell you about a plugin which is very easy to use, which is quite simple, and with its help only Not only advertisements but also any kind of content can add between the post.

The name of this plugin is:  Insert Post Ads


This is a very nice and specially made plugin for beginners, of which there are 20,000+ active installs. You have to install and activate this plugin.

Once you activate this plugin, in the left pane of your WordPress dashboard, click on the option of Post Adverts, click on it, as shown in the screenshot below.

Now the dashboard of this plugin will open in front of you in the screenshot shown below. This will display information about all your ads and other content.

First, you have to do display settings. Wherever you want to show ads, select that option, click on the Save Settings button. As we have checked below to show it on Posts and Pages.

Now copy and paste the ad code of any ad you want to place anywhere in the middle of the post. Now click on the Add New Post option on the same screen. After that, you will come to the fields like the screenshot below which you will have to fill.

  • In the first field, you give any title to your ad for identifying your ad. Such as AdSense Ad in the end
  • After that, enter the ad code or whatever content you want to display, enter the code in the code containing the Advert code.
  • After that in the field with Display the advert, you have to set where you want it to appear. To show above the contents of the post, select content before, to appear at the end of the post content, click on content and if you want to show ad within paragraphs anywhere in the middle of the post, then Select the option with the paragraph option.
  • If you select After paragraph option, as shown in the screenshot below, you will have to specify which paragraph you want to show the ad after. As you can see that I have set 5 here. Then this ad will be displayed in the post and pages of my blog after the 5th paragraph.

After publishing, your ad will be displayed in the middle of the post where you have specified it as well. So notice how easy it is to insert ads between the middle of the post!

You should not only add ads, but also any other content in the middle of the post, such as Subscription box etc.

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