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A hacked site is, of course, one of the worst things that can happen to you. This way your site can no longer be accessed, weird photos and texts and you can also be blocked by Google. In part one of 'secure your WordPress site,' I described a number of things that you can do to prevent you from being hacked.
In this article, I want to give some extra tips. This is of course never a complete list because the internet keeps changing. But these are tips where you can avoid a lot of problems in any case (also as nitwit)!
Security on your own computer
If your own computer can be hacked, hackers can also easily access your website. So make sure that all programs and your operating system (eg Windows) are up-to-date! In addition, a good virus scanner and firewall is not a luxury. After all, these are the bodyguards of your computer!
Themes and plugins from the WordPress repository
All themes and plugins that can be downloaded from  are checked for security. The chance is therefore much smaller to be hacked if you get your theme or plugin from here. It is a bit like fake bags from a sunny holiday resort. It may look nice, but you know that there is much to be disputed about the quality!

Yet stubborn?

Then pay attention to a few things:

Is it regularly updated? 
Is there any other software attached to it? Think of sliders plugins, galleries, etc. If yes? then check very carefully whether you can update the bundled software yourself. Can not this or do you doubt? Do not buy this theme or plugin!
Customizing themes or plugins
Never make adjustments to a plugin. This ensures that you can not update it without something going wrong. As you have read in the previous post is not update dead sin number 1. Do you want to change a theme? Then never change anything in the theme itself but create a child theme with your adjustments. This way you can keep updating the theme yourself.
Is it not yet clear to you and do you still want adjustments to your website? Then contact Weblish.
Settings in WordPress
Pingbacks you get when someone places a link to your page. Very useful if you want to know when your links are being used on other websites. But it only makes sure that you are sensitive to hacks. It is, therefore, better to switch this function off!
If you do not use the comment function of WordPress, turn off comments and user registration. This prevents a lot of spam, the load on your site and reduces the chance of a hack. If you still suffer from spam, try Akismet.
A lot can be done on the hosting site to make your site safer. This has to do with updates to the different hosting software, rights and much more. Call the helpdesk of your hoster and ask for the various security measures.
Few things you could ask:
  • Do they have a firewall?
  • Do they use a virus scanner?
  • How often are automatic backups made and how long are they retained?
  • Is the backup of a backup free or not?
  • What do they do when you are hacked?
Obviously, I'm not completely objective in terms of hosting because I work at Savvii, but I can tell you that we have arranged things correctly at Savvii.
If you are hacked in spite of everything, ensures that your website is "cleared". This applies not only to us but to managed WordPress hosting parties in general. For all these parties, they are better in terms of security than budget hosters. Cheap is my mother always says.
To summarize everything:


Part 1
  • Make sure your plugins/themes / WordPress are always updated
  • Security Plugin (eg Sucuri Security Plugin)
  • Remove unnecessary and unused plugins
  • Remove themes that you do not use
  • After installation, delete your default admin user and create your own user
  • Make sure you do not use existing words in the password
  • Use symbols, numbers, capital letters and other characters in your password

Part 2
  • Keep your own computer safe with up-to-date software, a virus scanner, and a firewall
  • Preferably use plugins and themes from If not, check carefully what you buy and whether you can update it yourself.
  • Never directly apply plugins.
  • Never directly apply a theme but use a child theme.
  • Turn off pingbacks in WordPress (if you do not need this)
  • Turn off user registration in WordPress (if you do not need it)
  • Choose a good hosting party. Are not you completely out yet? Then look at Wikibeginner for some reviews.
One of the most important things to build a site is your security. You see it more and more often in the news. Hackers, malware, DDoS attacks and so on. What is more annoying than a website that does not work. Yet there are many things that you can do to prevent this. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as putting one plugin on your site and you are safe. It is and remains customization. And it is always a combination of factors.
How is it possible that I am hacked ?! 
Most hacks are caused by outdated themes and/or plugins. It can also be because you are working on an old version of WordPress. Of course, it is not safe to use an old condom because well, if that leak, you still have a great chance of an unwanted "intruder".
Security Plugins
One of the things you can do to protect your site is to install a security plugin. The plugin ensures that your site is constantly monitored for intruders. You can actually see it as the security labels on a piece of clothing in the store. It is only an extra measure. Only downloading a plugin is therefore not sufficient. Personally, I use the Sucuri Security plugin for this.
What else can you do? 
Make sure you do not have too many unnecessary plugins. If you do not use a plugin, remove it. This will prevent your site from running unnecessary risks. Keep your plugins always up to date! Do not you use old make-up anyway? Something that many people do not realize is that plugins that do not come from the official WordPress site have not been checked. That means that something can be very wrong with this plugin. So check first if they can be found on the site!
Password: Welcome1234
One of the biggest mistakes that are made is too easy usernames and passwords. So you often see people who do not change the password every so often. And that easy passwords are used such as Welcome1234 or username Jamey. These kinds of passwords and usernames are pretty easy to guess and that is of course not the intention!
What can you do about this?
  • As soon as you have done your WordPress installation, remove the Admin User and create your own user
  • Come up with a password that no one else can guess. For example, use symbols, numbers, capital letters and other characters.
  • Do not use existing words in your password. Like the name of your idol, your address or the name of your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Make sure your plugins/themes / WordPress are always updated
  • Security Plugin (eg Security Security Plugin)
  • Remove unnecessary and unused plugins
  • Remove themes that you do not use
  • After installation, delete your default admin user and create your own user
  • Make sure you do not use existing words in the password
  • Use symbols, numbers, capital letters and other characters in your password
Of course, there is much more you can do to keep your site secure. You will find more about this soon!
Nowadays, almost a majority of all social interactions take place via the internet. Just consider yourself: how much time do you spend face-to-face with others and how much time do you spend talking to (those same) others via WhatsApp or another social medium? You will still be amazed at how much of your social life happens online instead of in real life.
Because so many contacts and other aspects of life (calendar keeping, apps that tell you how much you still have to move, watching TV, etc.) play online, it is also not surprising that even more and more work will be done online. One of the ways to make money online - from your lazy chair! - is via Twitter. But how does this work exactly?

Just to be sure: what is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking service that was created in San Francisco in 2006. It allows its users to post short messages, 'tweets', of up to 140 characters. In addition, they can also 'follow' other users, that is, they can read each other's tweets and react to each other. Nowadays, these users also consist of large organizations and important people; everyone uses it.
The use has since been facilitated by the fact that it has been made available for mobile use. Wherever you are, you can always check Twitter quickly and post a tweet. So Twitter is an ideal platform to reach many people, and that is certainly necessary if you want to make money on Twitter.

Ways to make money with Twitter

You may be a bit skeptical about how you can actually earn money from the international social network service. Below you will find a number of ways that you will probably convince you to try.

But first: make your Twitter profile and tweets attractive!

Before you even start looking for a suitable way to make money with Twitter, it is advisable to first pimp your profile. Often, earning money with Twitter and the attractiveness of your profile and tweets are inextricably linked. The explanation is simple: are your tweets funny or interesting, do you have more followers (and more chance of income).
But how do you make your Twitter profile attractive? Below are a number of tips:
  1. Use your real name!
  2. Use a real photo.
  3. Put either one word in your biography, or make sure you mention a number of characteristics of yourself, which are clearly understandable. What do you want people to know about you? What does it seem interesting to you to know about you? So also find out what your perfect target group is (young people, 50 people, high school students etc.)!
  4. Add a URL (link), if necessary to a page where you can find a more extensive profile of yourself, such as LinkedIn.
  5. Make a background your own. In other words, let people associate a certain pattern, image or color with you and let your profile stand out.
  6. Place regular tweets (every day).
  7. Talk to your followers (personally) and maintain contact with your followers (interaction). Use the word 'you' more often than 'me'. This will make your followers feel more personally addressed. Your profile will, therefore, look more inviting.
  8. Do not follow twitterers like crazy. This will stand out ('follower spam'), causing people to doubt your intentions.
  9. Do it slightly differently (read: better) than others in your position.
Example of someone with an attractive profile.

Way # 1 'Crowdsource'

Crowdsourcing means that you will ask for ideas and contributions from a large group or community. Literally translated it means: public source. So you search for sources of ideas from the public. It has been used for years as a marketing technique, especially where social media is concerned.
Crowdsourcing at Twitter means that you effectively collect contributions from your followers (new and old) to finance your business or idea.
The technique can give you a lot of money, or at least a capital, but only if you do really well. Know where you start, so read in advance. Make sure you are aware of the tips and tricks, but also of the possible risks associated with your project. Only when you really have enough knowledge of the subject, it is wise to start.

Way # 2 Sale products

It actually seems like the most obvious way to make money through Twitter, but what entrepreneurs often forget is that people will not buy if they can not immediately switch to action. Entrepreneurs, for example, send an advertising message but do not give away (telephone number, link) that really stimulates their potential customers to take action.
When it comes to Twitter, you will have to take something else. Go back to the 'past'. In other words, use promotions and discounts to encourage your potential buyers to buy.
For some companies, this means that they offer 'daily deals', as well as other basic marketing techniques that fit with Twitter. But beware: do not push too much! When you continuously place advertisements for your products, your followers will get enough of it at a given moment, and they are more inclined to unfollow you. And this means less turnover.

Way # 3 SponsoredTweets

It may come as a complete surprise, but you can really ask companies for money for one of your tweets. All you have to do is go to the SponsoredTweets site and find sponsors that you want to pay to tweet about their products. The best: you have your say in the amount of the amount you earn per tweet.
You are paid 'per click', so each time someone clicks on the advertisement that you tweet. You can choose these ads from a list of available ads, which is regularly updated. Note: you must have at least 50 followers, 100 tweets and an account that is at least 60 days old if you want to register for this service!
However, make sure that you look out when placing your other tweets. If you appear to be staging a lot of anti-social language or opinions in your tweets, then sponsors will not hesitate to send you out. The same applies to a regular job.

Way # 4 MyLikes

MyLikes is a bit like SponsoredTweets, in the sense that it also wants to pay Twitter users for tweeting ads. It is only slightly different in its operation than SponsoredTweets.
MyLikes is a large advertising platform that can be used on Twitter (and logs, YouTube etc.). You are free in your choice of advertisements from the thousands of advertisers, and you can schedule a time yourself in which the ads are tweeted from your account. You can earn around € 0.37 per click, and you are paid weekly.

Way # 5

Maybe the name is familiar to you. The advertisement appears regularly when you click on a certain entertainment site, with the message: 'you can click further in five seconds'., a similar advertisement service as MyLikes, hopes that people will become more interested in the offered product or service.
This service also offers you the chance to be paid for posting tweets. But it is not about being paid per click. Instead, create a profile of your interests so that advertisers can choose your account to draw attention to their campaign. You then consent to send a specific number of tweets on specific dates and receive a substantial amount for that.

Way # 6 Hold a Twitter contest

Something that you can make everyone happy with is a prize. This gives people a confirmation of their positive self-image. As a twitterer, you can use this. For example, try to make a deal with a local company that would like some publicity. Suggest to have a contest via Twitter and that you get paid a percentage of the turnover.
There are a lot of fun and creative ways to make a competition attractive to your followers. Examples are: whether they want to be jurors themselves (let them feel personally involved), let them crowdsource for ideas (see way # 1!) Or ask them to 'retweet' a tweet.
Example of a Twitter contest.

Way # 7 Use YouTube

Are you a bit handy for making videos? Then you can consider making Twitter related tutorials (step-by-step explanations) that people need on Twitter. Through the program AdSense, you can receive money for your YouTube content so you can receive a lot of money with just your knowledge of Twitter.

Another (indirect) way to make money with Twitter via YouTube: if you make interesting videos and establish yourself as an entertainer or vlogger, you can use Twitter to further distribute your videos. By using AdSense you can earn money from these videos, which means that you indirectly earn money on Twitter.
It seems too good to be true of course: Make money while you're on the couch with your laptop on your lap. Yet it is certainly possible, and also in a lot of different ways. In this article, you can read a number and if you are interested, you can try a few.
Earning money quickly on the couch at home does not have to be illegal or through gambling. Of course, the latter is an option, but there are many more possibilities. Discover here how you can earn money safely from home!

Make money with watching commercials

Companies spend lots of money on advertising, they want to bring their product to the attention at all costs and there is a lot of competition. And this while you just click away from the ads and the majority of your folders probably end up unread in your paper container. Advertising can be fun, but to deepen it takes a lot of time. And you will not get paid for it. But that can be different: you can earn money by watching ads!
You can register yourself at a lot of websites. This is completely free and usually also without obligation. Of course, it is always wise to read the fine print for a while. After this, you will receive a lot of advertising in your mailbox. So it could be an idea to create a new email address for this. For the more websites you register, the more money you can earn. You get a number of advertisements per website and you get paid for each advertisement you view.
You may occasionally be tempted by an advertisement, which of course is the goal, but you are not obliged to go into it. Sometimes you receive extra compensation if you use an offer, but that is of course only nice. Statistics are also kept so that you can keep track of how much you earn.


Investing your money in something that you think is worth it, in fact, fancy gambling. You take a risk because if you go wrong you can lose your money. But if you have something to invest, it's fun. Since you're probably looking for something to have a little extra, this may not be the easiest method.

Hand put coins to stack
Yet enough people have become quite wealthy through smart investing. And of course, there are tricks to learn this and get the highest possible profit from it. If it works, it is certainly an effective way to quickly build up a small fortune, but it is still a risk that you take, just like gambling. Yet this is a smarter investment than a casino night.

Start your own business

This is also possible in addition to your normal daily activities. See what is the demand and establish a web store. Be original in what you offer and maybe it will be something. There are a lot of people who have been successful in this. You can also buy many things for a very low price abroad if you buy them in larger quantities. Success is not guaranteed, but if you have an eye for business, it might be worth a try.
More and more people are buying online products.
Furthermore, if your webshop runs a little, you can also advertise on your website for other things, here you usually earn quite a bit. In the beginning, you have to throw yourself a bit into the deep, but in the long term it does not have to cost a lot of work and you can earn a nice pocket money with it. And suppose you have a very bad job, and it is going really well, then it can become a whole business!

Register for testing medicines

This sounds very scary, but in practice, this often happens under very good conditions and conditions. You only have to register and wait. If you are asked, you only have to spend an hour for the smaller tests and you can lie on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. In general, this pays very well.
You do not have to take a big risk, and still, earn a lot of it. Of course, the reward for taking a big risk is bigger, so this can always be done. If you are healthy, and you also want to do something for society, this is definitely recommended.

Complete online surveys

Okay, you might not get thousands of euros here. But to quickly get some money if you are cramped at the end of the month, this is a very good idea. It is very simple, even quite fun and you deserve a nice pocket money. And the most beautiful thing is: you almost only have to move your mouse for it. Diaper earn money than this is almost impossible!
So pull a bag of chips out of the cupboard, drop out and go googling. If you have nothing to do for an evening, why not. There are also many different websites on which you can do this so you can fill in infinitely. Please note, however, that these sites are reliable and always read the fine print.

Write online texts

A lot of companies, organizations, and websites need people who have a smooth pen and can write original texts to publish. Simply because they themselves do not have the time, the skills or the people for it. Are you a bit of a creative writer and/or do you have a lot of imagination? Then go looking. Not only for websites they are looking for people, also for blogs and social media. Writing a text of 500 words often takes only a little more than half an hour and it usually earns a fair amount.
Do you like to write and do you have time? Go instead of watching another episode on Netflix, sit for half an hour. It's fun, you're creative and you deserve a nice pocket money. Moreover, depending on what you already do, it can also be fine on your CV.

Go translate texts

Are you not that creative yourself and do you think it is difficult to write a few hundred words about a certain topic, but are you good at language? Then start translating. For example, you can earn money with commercial texts, brochures or e-books. All you need is a computer and command of a second language. The rarer that language is, the better.
Are you (almost) fluent in Spanish, French or German? Then this is ideal. There are also various websites for this. It is also useful for yourself and it is just like writing online texts; fine on your CV.

Go to pets

Are you really at home for whatever reason and do you really need money? Then the only thing you need is that you love animals and have a little understanding of how to deal with them. In the summer people often look for someone to look after their pet while they are on holiday. Yes, okay, if it's a dog you have to let him out. But hey, it does not hurt to walk a bit every day. And if you do not feel like cat hair everywhere; there is nothing wrong with extra vacuuming.

In short:

There is no way to get rich very quickly, especially not if you want to do that with a bowl of popcorn on the couch. Everyone would want that! You should always do something for it and otherwise, it will always be a question of gambling and just having luck. The way to have a lot of money, in the long run, is to constantly work hard to get higher, be a very good entrepreneur, or win the lottery.

Are you really lazy and do you prefer to take a gamble then that you have to go through the rain with someone else, write a web text, find out what the hole in the market is, or watch infinite advertising, then you can go with a few clicks to order as many state locks as you can pay. But whether that is the way? We hope that you can do something with one of these ideas and that that has success.
You want to buy something special, expand your family or approach the Christmas season. Everyone has a moment in his life when he needs extra money. And believe it or not, it is possible to supplement your income or even earn a modest income! In this article, we show you five ways to make money via the internet.
More and more people have a smartphone or tablet and can access the internet at home and on the go. This offers them, even more, opportunities to make money at times that suit them. Of course, people are wary of scammers who promise to make quick money, but here are a few tried ways to earn completely legal money without having to leave your comfortable seat. 

1. Discover cashback websites
It seems almost too good to be true, but there are lots of safe cashback websites that can make money by just clicking on their website to the website where you normally make your online purchases. It's that simple. It takes a while for you to build up your reward, but it is an easy way to make money. All you have to do is click on a few times when you shop online. 

2. Start a blog
This may not be a guaranteed success, but by starting a blog yourself and sharing your ideas you can attract followers, which can lead to advertising, sponsorship and free samples coming to you. Free blogging websites like WordPress are a good place to start and reach an international audience. So if you have writer ambitions, then this is an excellent opportunity to show your talent. Maybe you will find your audience and this means the start of a new career! 

3. Go undercover
Customer service is a spearhead for most companies. Both small and large companies like to use secret shoppers who pay them to visit their store. It is irregular work and sometimes you are not paid cash, but in vouchers, but if you want to be a bit of a detective, this is something fun to do in your spare time. Check with your favorite brands on the internet if they are looking for people. Besides shopping, you can also write paid reviews about a store or service. Look for companies where you can register for free and offer their customers this type of service. 

4. Sell your stuff
Have you ever wondered what to do with that old lamp in the attic or with that stamp collection that you do not use anymore? Sell them online and earn some extra money! There is a huge selection of auction sites that ensure that you do not have to estimate your belongings before selling them. Take a few good photos, add as much information as possible and wait for the buyers to present themselves. Do you think you have nothing of value to sell? And those old jewels, clothes, baby stuff, and bicycles? It can all be rented or sold online. What is one mess is a treasure for the other? Recycle in a modern way, free up some space and enjoy the extra money. 

5. Share your opinion via internet surveys
If you have internet access and you have a tablet, computer or smartphone, you can participate in internet surveys in exchange for money or coupons for leading internet shops. You simply give your opinion on a wide range of topics, such as food, hotel stays and even your favorite TV programs. More and more people are signing up to join internet panels. That way they earn some extra money. They do that at home, on the way to work, at times that are convenient. They help shape future products and services and are rewarded in various ways. A fantastic website to earn extra money with surveys is OpinionWorldRegistration is free and the site offers you surveys yourself. Moreover, he supports good causes in your name. You, therefore, earn not only extra money online but also benefit charities. Be sure to take a look at the OpinionWorld website for more information. 

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