Sometimes you have a feature you would like to add to your website love to, but which you are not willing to hire a developer to develop it. WordPress also this is fortunately not always necessary, as long as you are using plugins.
Plugins are a lot of functions very advantageous to add to your website. Therefore, I find the Top 5 Premium WordPress plugins every month. For these plugins must be paid money.
You rather go for free plugins, you end up in my top 5 free WordPress plugins.

# 5 FAST WordPress Support Ticket

FAST WordPress Support Ticket
To always your visitors can be of service, it is increasingly important for your website to have an option that can take people to contact you. FAST - WordPress Support Ticket helps you a hand.
With FAST you can turn your WordPress site into a simple support system. You'll get in Slack instant notification if a customer sends a message. So, you can always sit on top customer questions.

# 4 WP Popup Banners Pro

WP Popup Banners Pro
To draw your visitors really to something more important, it may be convenient to use a pop-up on your website. Some such pop-up can be designed with WP Popup Pro Banner wish. They are mobile screens also customize even further.
Such like pop can, of course, be used for all sorts of things. Think of promoting your newsletter or report an important message. So you're sure it stands out.

# 3 ModuloBox

Nowadays there are plenty of available plugins for WordPress to create with a lightbox. The creators of ModuloBox are set to work with a modern lightbox which just a little more than can other plugins.
With ModuloBox, you have a modern lightbox plugin that makes it possible inter alia to create a slideshow in a pop-up. So you can display your important media files in a very attractive way.

# 2 WP Media Folders

WP Media Folders
If you add lots of media files on your WordPress site, then it is possible that it may be quite a bit of a mess. Partly because you can place these files via WordPress not neatly into folders.
With WP Media Folders will change that. The plugin lets you organize media files neatly in folders. Through a drag & drop interface, it becomes a piece of cake to keep your media library tidy.

# 1 WhatsApp Chat for WordPress / WooCommerce

WhatsApp Chat
To convince a customer to actually make a purchase from you, it may be useful if they can connect with you via WhatsApp example. This plugin is a piece of cake.
WhatsApp Chat for WordPress / WooCommerce you can put buttons on your website. As soon as people click on, they can directly contact you via WhatsApp and without first having to put your number on the phone.
Over the past month, developers have created enough WordPress themes. Every website is, of course, a suitable theme and I've been looking for the top 5 premium WordPress themes of this month.
For this article, I'm looking for something for every month. For example, you can come across Multipurpose themes that can be used for multiple purposes. For all these topics, as the premium says, some money is being asked.

# 5 Choros

Choros WordPress Theme
Chorus is a theme that you can use on many sides. This multipurpose theme can be used for a blog, an online shop, a website for your company or just as a portfolio website. The theme is provided with the necessary demo pages, which ensures that you can have the website in no time online.
If you choose to purchase this premium theme, you can also count on some plugins that you get included. This way you can get started with Visual Composer and Slider Revolution. Partly because of those plugins you can fix the website without code knowledge.
Click here and see the theme Choros

# 4 Carbon

Carbon WordPress Theme
Carbon is also a multipurpose WordPress theme, but this theme is a lot more minimalist. Ideally, the theme is that it already has a number of pages already built. This makes it easy for you to set up your own website.
With the theme, you do not have to purchase plugins like Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons separately. Both of the plugins are included in the theme. You can also get started with the animations with the included Revolution Slider.
Click here and see the theme Carbon

# 3 Age

Age WordPress Theme
Age is a theme in a completely different style than we used to above. The WordPress theme has an elegant look and is ideally suited to use for a web shop.
Are you planning to sell clothes or jewelry? Then you can be sure of this theme. Also, if you want to focus more on selling furniture and the like, think about this theme. In any event, it takes its own feeling.
Click here and see the theme Alder

# 2 Wizestore

Wizestore WordPress Theme
Besides Alder, you can also visit Wizestore for your own web shop. This theme is especially for those who are busy with fashion. For example, consider selling clothes that you can appreciate in this theme.
In addition, the theme has a number of features which makes him a little more attractive. Although you have the choice of many different styles, one thing is certain: With this theme, your webshop and your products are covered. For example, the sliders and the products know without difficulty to draw your attention.
Click here and view the theme Wizestore

# 1 Arden

Arden WordPress Theme
Arden is just another theme that you can do with everything. Whether you are looking for a website for your portfolio or company, or want to get started with a web shop or blog. With Arden, you can easily reach it through its many functions.
This bestseller has already finished over thirty homepages where you can already get started. In addition, there are also over 100 pre-made pages. Finally, the creators also promise to follow many updates, including new homepages and features.
Click here and see the theme Arden
When you go to work to create a blog or create a website for your business, you will be mistakes.
This is not bad. Everyone makes mistakes and even professionals do not always do everything right. I'm just trying to save this article for some of these errors.

You choose the wrong WordPress version

When you first hear about WordPress you obviously have no idea that there are two different versions. So you have WordPress.com , which is suitable if you want to do anything technical and start a simple blog. Updates, backups and stuff with your WordPress.com not all have to think about.
On the other hand we also have WordPress.org . To install this version you need your own domain name and hosting package. The advantage of this version is that you can expand on your website have complete control and as far as you would like. So did you make the choice of super many different themes and plugins and can also naturally have various adjustments.
If you want to start a website, I always recommend to go for WordPress.org. The reason is that you have complete control over your website and can do whatever you want. In addition, you never get into a situation where you have to transfer because you also want to expand. Want to start a website, you can always of course the instructions to create a blog read.

The standard WordPress subtitle is on your site

When the default subtitle is installed WordPress, always "another WordPress site". During installation, you can not change this and many beginners forget to change or remove. Find yourself in this subtitle in Google. There are plenty of websites to the top where the subtitle still set.
This is a pity, of course, because it is in changing a few moments if you go to "Settings -> General" goes. I myself populated wikibeginner nothing in the subtitle, because it still is nowhere visible on my website. Is it when you have seen, here you can best describe your website in a few words.

You choose unreliable themes or plugins

There are thousands to find free and paid themes and plugins for WordPress. The important thing is that you always choose reliable sources. For example, a paid theme or plugin you should not try to free search.
Of course there is a chance that you suddenly find a free theme or plugin, but often they are then infected, making your website sooner or later hacked.
So always go for reliable sources as regards themes and plugins. So you can always look at websites like WordPress.org or ThemeForest and Code Canyon.

You have not set a favicon

A favicon is a small icon of your site in a browser tab. This little icon makes sure that visitors easily identify your site when multiple tabs are open.
For this reason it is so basically important to set a favicon. It's a bit of branding. Want to know how to set a favicon, you can article set WordPress favicon on your website to view.

You have no contact

If you have a website it is possible that visitors want to contact you. This may be because your visitors questions or suggestions, you want to encourage you to keep going with what you're doing, collaborations and stuff.
Although it may not seem necessary at first to make a contact form on your website, it is a missed opportunity not to have it. There are several plugins for WordPress to find that you can make a contact. The article WordPress contact form do I explain you like how you look a contact form on your website.

You carry no updates

Updates associated with software and that is not natural for nothing. With WordPress there are regularly updates itself and WordPress plugins and themes which you use them. All of these updates are there to keep everything as safe as possible, add new features and fix bugs.
So there is really no reason not to perform these updates. It may seem scary to perform an update, because now everything works fine and maybe something goes wrong with an update. This feeling we all know, but the chance that something goes wrong generally quite low. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to perform to perform a backup of an update, which immediately is the next point.

You do not make backups of your website

When it comes to technology, nothing is certain. It is therefore advisable to regularly make a backup of your website. You thus everything in your hands and you can always fall back on your homemade backup.
All you really need to do is think of how much data can lose you up and you'll immediately know how often you should make a backup. It is also wise to always make a backup of your website before you perform updates.
A backup is otherwise not so difficult. There are several free backup plugins available that you can use. The only thing to look for is that you make a backup of your files and database. Both are needed to restore your website.
# 5 Multi-Step Checkout

If you have a WordPress website installed with WooCommerce, you always automatically place can be settled. With the plugin Multi Step Checkout page you can reckoning give a nice appearance.
The plugin Multisttep Checkout offers you fourteen different styles and eight different animation effects. It creates a unique design where the more attractive and easier to move through the checkout.
Behind the scenes, you can easily set the checkout should look like. So there you decide what style is used, what colors you choose and for whatever animation you go.

# 4 Axis

In WordPress, it is possible to count down to the big events such as the launch of your website. Axis is a plugin that lets you create a beautiful coming soon template.
With Axis, you can make a coming soon page where you can decide how the background looks. You can go for a fixed image, a slideshow or a YouTube video background. Thus countdown really a celebration.

# 3 Smart System Footer

If you have a website, it's helpful to have a footer where you mention the one and the other. You'll find a footer often contact information and links back to the example terms.
With the plugin Footer Smart System, it is possible to provide your website with a footer to tell you. Where do you normally often fills a footer with HTML code, you can just with this plugin to work with Visual Composer.
Ideally, you also agree to set a different footer on each page. So as always the right information at the right page.

Author # 2 Ultimate Box

With most WordPress themes that you install, it is possible to indicate when messages which the article was written. Often there is one tiny sentence to by whom it was written.
Ultimate Author Box can help with that. The plugin makes the block containing the article who has written looks well cared for. So you can a photo bijplaatsen, social media buttons and a text writer.
How to see the box eventually comes out, you have complete control. To get you to help you get started, there are already 19 hand-made designs available.

# 1 WhatsApp Connect

The number one of this month is the plugin which makes it possible to let customers contact you make through WhatsApp. Connect with WhatsApp you can place a button on your website where customers then need to print only if they contact you want. With one press of a button, they can open a chat with you, so now you never miss a potential customer.
Ideally the plugin is that you basically anywhere you answers because we have installed all really anno 2017 WhatsApp on our mobile. So, you can be rapidly serve potential customers.
WooCommerce 3.0 was released last Tuesday (April 4, 2017).
The new version comes with new features, enhancements, and other useful things.
Originally, version 2.7 be released, but has finally decided to call it version 3.0. This shows how important this update is.
For you as a user are WooCommerce not perceive many changes. However much changed Technically there. So always make a backup before you apply the update and test everything in advance on a test site.
Are you curious about what's new in version 3.0 WooCommerce? Let's begin soon.

New product gallery

The biggest improvement that users see in WooCommerce 3.0 has to be the new product gallery. In the video below you can see the demo.
The gallery is as you see some adjustments. Visitors can magnify the image and zoom. When clicking on a small image (thumbnail), then switch the main image instead of the other image opens in a lightbox. It works by these adjustments are all slightly better and finer.
For mobile users, the gallery has become a lot better. So you can swipe through the gallery, you can zoom by pinching and swipe up you close the image.

performance improvements

What you as a user can also regarded WooCommerce version 3.0 is that it works quickly and efficiently. This update has actually like almost always several performance improvements. Especially big web shops will publish the best brands.
So include the number of requests to be made in this release to load become less upsells and related products. In addition, are now used to determine the taxonomies to product visibility, featured products and sold out. Previously, this was done in a slower manner, namely by post meta.
Testing developers saw a rate increase of about 94%. Definitely nice if you ask me.

CRUD Classes

Most of the changes and improvements in this update are not visible. CRUD Classes are also included. The Classes CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) are for orders, products, customers, shipping zones, discount codes and payment tokens.
The classes provide simply put a better structure and validation of all the above date, so the margin of error is less. It gives developers a unified way to deal with the database.

Improved logging system

Furthermore, in WooCommerce 3.0, a new form to keep track of things (logging). The new log system now has options to make it easier to change certain behavior of the logger without having to replace something there.
Log messages now contain multiple levels as debug, emergency, critical, warning or notice. These messages can also be put in the database, which you can view via the WordPress admin section.
Not very interesting as users, but developers can overtake easier problems this way.

Were all these improvements?

No, we have still not seen it all, but I do not want too much voorschotelen technical details. So you can manage more data faster with the new CLI (Command Line Interface).
Furthermore, tax rates automatically sorted, making it easier to add and manage new tax zones. WordPress Multisite existing users added to the shop if the user already has an account somewhere else in the same network.
So far in brief what improvements have not all been implemented in WooCommerce 3.0.
It is occasionally anything searching for good plugins, but it succeeds me happy still to serve up your new monthly weather plugins that have not been through this.
Let's make this intro for too long because I already notice that your eyes to the plugin at number 5 disappear. Here is the top 5 this month.

# 5 Bainternet Posts Creation Limits

You want to make sure that there is a limit on the number of posts, pages or custom post types that a user can create on your website? The plugin Bainternet Posts Creation Limits can help.
Using this plugin you can create different rules so you can create different limits for users. You can create rules for a user, but really for a specific user.
For each rule you create, you can specify which user role or user is valid for any post type it is, what is the limit for the status of the post type and how long the limit is valid. So you can specify for example, that a user can create two posts per week.

# 4 Ultimate Slider

The Ultimate Slider plugin can add a responsive slider using a shortcode to posts and pages. You get with this plugin also an additional widget to be able to make a slider in the sidebar.
Once you have the plugin running on your website, you can at "Ultimate Slider -> Settings" set right the necessary settings. So you have influence or the slider is automatically played, how long the transition time, where and whether the timer bar to be displayed and a number of other things.
The beauty of this plugin is that there is support for WooCommerce so you can get WooCommerce products in your slider.

# 3 Say What?

The plugin Say What can help you if you want to translate some words on your website without having to adapt it to edit the code or a translation file.
Once you install the plugin and enable you to "Tools -> Text changes" going to make a translation. You must enter the original string (text), a text domain, text context (not always necessary) and of course the replacement text.
It is with this plugin so still get a look at domain behind the text in the code of the plugin, but also works very simply. You can otherwise only translate words and phrases that are actually marked to translate.

Team # 2

Want to create a page with all the people who might write for your blog work for your company or sit on your sports team. The plugin Team is ideal for here.
With this plugin, you get a team builder with two different designs. Using the team builder you include the ability to post photos, fill in names, describe a function/position, and add a brief description. It is also possible to connect social media profiles.
Furthermore, you can fully customize the design to your own house style. You can change the Team Settings colors and font sizes and there is also a separate section where you can custom CSS code into it.

# 1 Toolset Types

Standard WordPress pages and posts his post types. In certain situations, this is not sufficient or is it just more convenient to have a separate post type to list. The Toolset Types plugin allows you to create new kinds of post types.
In the video below you can see at a glance what you can expect some of the plugins, what opportunities you get and how it all works.
With Toolset types, so you can add custom post types, custom fields, and taxonomies. The advantage of this plugin is of course that you have a super convenient interface to add new custom post types and you do not immediately need the code.
So if you once get into a situation where you think you need a new custom post type, then this plugin is highly recommended.

Curious for more useful plugins?

It will not surprise you that much more plugins for WordPress are available to use on your website. See therefore hesitate to previous editions of the Top 5 WordPress plugins of the month.
WordPress comes standard with the ability to give your website users different roles and responsibilities.
If your website has multiple users, it is important to give all users the appropriate roles and permissions for your own safety.
So it is not convenient for example, that someone who writes only for items you get the user role administrator.

Make only one administrator account

A secure WordPress installation is in the ideal world but one administrator. All other users on the sites it's best to give a different role with fewer rights.
The administrator account because only hear for the user who runs the website, keep up-to-date, may modify the files and stuff. This is definitely not something you want to empower everyone because a mistake is easily made and can have serious consequences for your website.
When someone else makes your website work that requires administrator rights, this is obviously not a problem and you have to create an additional administrator account. When the work is done you better delete this account again or give a lower part (subscriber). This way you can prevent abuse is made from the account.

Which user roles are available in WordPress?

When you create a new WordPress user, you always have the possibility to give it a certain role. The following user roles are the default roles that are built into WordPress:
  • administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Writer
  • Subscriber
When you get to see more roll on your site you will probably have to run a plugin that does this. For example, a shop or membership plugin can all provide additional user roles in WordPress.
The default roles have the opportunity to show what a user can and can not do on your website. Below you can read what you can do with each user role.


The administrator of a WordPress website has access to all WordPress components and has the power to do all that is possible in WordPress. As an administrator, you can include the following:
  • Update WordPress;
  • Installing WordPress themes and plugins, edit, delete and update;
  • Posts, pages, create and delete categories and tags (also from other users);
  • add new users or edit or delete existing users;
  • Managing menus;
  • Add widgets and remove;
  • Upload files to WordPress;
  • moderate comments;
  • adjust all settings;
  • And much more.


The editor role is for users who are allowed to see all the content, edit and manage. The editor has no further rights to make changes to the settings of WordPress, plugins or themes.
The editor can make itself new posts and pages as well as posts and pages that are made available by other users, edit or even delete. Furthermore, the editor can also moderate comments.


An author has the right to create items and his or her own view articles, edit and manage. When an item is finished, the author can publish the article without having to watch an editor or administrator accordingly.


The user role as the writer must create author articles, view, and edit. Unlike an author may publish his or her own articles a writer only yourself. Articles that makes a writer must first be checked for publication by the editor or administrator of the website.


A subscriber may actually nothing on your website, other than reading the articles published and update their profile information.
The subscriber role is therefore often given to users on sites where courses can be followed in a membership area.

Give users the appropriate user

With the above information can be all users on your website the right role to keep as safe as possible your website. Give any users unnecessarily more rights than is necessary to prevent problems.
This allows you to someone who first gives an article for you better write the author role, then that makes you a writer or editor straight away. You do not know what they are going to publish and would certainly not this person immediately has the ability to remove other items.
Administrator privileges You must not be given to anyone, but if all goes well you this himself can understand. Always use common sense and do not give someone more rights than necessary because he or she insists on it.