Friday, August 18, 2017

How to Easily Add Snapchat Snapcode in WordPress

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More and more companies, websites and celebrities choose to "follow" on Snapchat. If you do this, you want to make it as easy as possible to let people follow you. Therefore, it is nowadays possible to place a so-called 'Snapcode' on your website. In this article, I'll show you how to add such code to your website.

Snapchat Snapcodes

Before you do anything with WordPress, you must log in to the Snapchat Snapcodes website. You can log in here with your Snapchat username and password. If you are logged in, you can download your so-called SnapCodes via a Download button. A ZIP file will be downloaded with two images here; Snapcode.png and snapcode.SVG  These images contain so-called QR codes that Snapchat users can "scan" with their phone. This way they can follow you soon.
Now that you've downloaded your snapcode, you can place it on your WordPress website in several ways.


Because the snap code is simply an image, you can also simply place it on your WordPress website as you would with any other image. In other words; Just upload to the media library and then put on a page or in your sidebar (through a widget).

Snapcode Widget Plugin

There is also a plugin that lets you easily show your snap code in a widget; Snapchat Snapcode Widget Once you have installed and activated this plugin, you can add a Snapchat widget through View> Widgets :
You can give the widget a title, but most importantly, you upload your snapcode.png image (which you downloaded through the Snapchat Snapcodes website). Then enter your Snapchat username and click 'Save' (or 'Save'). The result looks like this:

Snapchat Widget (via - click for larger)

More about Snapchat

Snapchat is an app that lets people send photos and videos that can only be viewed once. The transmitter can determine how long a picture can be viewed. When you follow Snapchat, you can send photos and videos to all of your followers at once. This is why more and more companies and celebrities choose to use Snapchat.

Fix WordPress update error

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we get a lot of questions about  WordPress update errors. You try to update the WordPress CMS, but you will get an error that this failed. This can also occur when updating WordPress plugins and WordPress themes. If the WordPress update fails, that's no reason for panic. In this article, I'm going into some solutions for a failed WordPress update!

Automatic update

Since WordPress 3.7, WordPress itself can update to newer versions. If you do not want this, you can disable automatic updates. However, automatic updates are useful because small updates can often be implemented without problems and this often does not happen. So take a good look at the automatic updates: why would you turn it off? Make sure you make WordPress backups and let WordPress perform small updates automatically so you do not have to do it anymore.

WordPress update error

The error you can get is probably (about) looked like. The error message: " Destination directory for file streaming does not exist or is not writable " already gives you a lot of information: the file or folder does not exist. You may also have a variation of this error: it is often solved with one solution. This WordPress update error solution will hopefully help you!

"Unwritable" update error fix

To correct the error and update WordPress to the latest version, you must make a change to the  wp-config.php  file. Many people think of seeing this error message that it is hosting, but this is often not the case.
Make sure you back up your website before continuing!
Open your wp-config.php file and search for the next piece of code.
We are going to tell WordPress where the wp content folder is located. We do this with the following code. 
Place this line under WordPress  / * and above  // ** MySQL settings . The result is the following.
Save the file and upload it to your website, for example, via FTP .

WordPress update still fails

Is not the WordPress update still successful? Then it's something else. It may be that your WordPress plugins conflict with updating. Therefore, disable all plugins on your website (also via FTP) and try updating WordPress again. Also, try updating WordPress via your website's FTP: let wp config.php and wp content, replace the rest with the latest WordPress. Be sure to make a backup of the old files first, if you're wrong, you're definitely backed up.
If the WordPress update still fails, I recommend contacting your hosting party. If it is not plugins and manual update of WordPress does not work, it may be hosting your website.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

How to fix driver issues in Windows 10 & Windows 8

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If you have upgraded from an older version of Windows to Windows 10, it may be that not all drivers work as well. Here's how to fix issues with your drivers in Windows 10 by reinstalling or updating them.
Driver issues after upgrading usually occur on older laptops, because the manufacturer often carries responsibility for the drivers and component support. If a laptop model becomes outdated, it has little utility for the manufacturer to continue to support and update the drivers for that model. 
Components in laptops are often unavailable or work just a bit different from the regular version, which may cause drivers on a new operating system to not work properly. This is mainly the case with graphics cards.
If Windows 10 does not find a suitable driver, a built-in Windows driver will be used, sometimes with best results.

Updating drivers

First of all, you can try to update the driver who is having trouble updating. To do this, go to Device Manager and right-click on the device that is not working properly. Click Update Driver to search Windows 10 for a newer version of the driver.
Can not find Windows? Then you can try to find the non-working device manufacturer and go to their website to find a suitable driver. However, try the following tip first.

Reinstall drivers

Some drivers may not be installed properly while upgrading the operating system. In that case, it is a good idea to uninstall the driver in question.
Go to Device Manager and right-click the device that is not working properly. In the context menu, select Delete. Restart the computer to reinstall the driver automatically.

Other solutions

If the above solutions do not work and it is the graphics card that is causing problems, you might try to replace it with a newer model that does have Windows 10 drivers. But often this is for an older laptop unfortunately not worth the money and the money.
If you have problems with any problems, you might try to reinstall Windows 10 so that you're not dealing with an upgraded version but a clean, fresh installation.
If this does not work, it might be better to go back to a previous Windows version where drivers were still working well.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Best WordPress themes for restaurants and cafes

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More and more niche WordPress themes appear, suitable for one particular industry. Previously, I wrote an article about the best WordPress hairdressing themes  and now it's time for the best WordPress themes for restaurants and cafes . A website is important because many hungry people are looking for a restaurant on their phone or tablet!
Search them for a restaurant or cafe, then they come naturally with you through Google Places. Once they are on your website, they must immediately become clear why they should eat with you. If the website looks great, then the chance is obviously greater that they decide to come by. In short: ensure a tight website. Start at a suitable  WordPress restaurant theme and let Google do the rest!

ROSA ($ 59)

I can only start with ROSA: the absolute number one when it comes to WordPress themes for restaurants or cafés. At ROSA I could dedicate a whole article because both the features and the appearance do not disappoint. The ROSA restaurant theme is clear, clean, warm and dynamic. Many subtle moves as you scroll down. The theme has many different page templates for, for example, a menu and these are also very good. ROSA is WooCommerce-ready, so you can also offer products in your own web shop. There are countless shortcodes available for buttons, dividing lines, tabs, sliders, reservation forms and more.
ROSA works with the OpenTable system, allowing visitors to book a table on your website. You can also set up this WordPress restaurant theme as one-page theme and you can comprehensive blogging on all sorts of things in the beautifully crafted blog. This WordPress theme is of course fully responsive and retina-ready.
Although I tried to find negative points, I still have to admit: ROSA gets me absolutely 5 out of 5 stars.
More information: ROSA | DEMO

Amici ($ 49)

Amici is also very suitable as a WordPress restaurant theme. Amici supports - like ROSA - the OpenTable reservation system and also supports WPML, making it possible to create your website in multiple languages. Amici looks just as different from most WordPress restaurant themes and precisely because it is listed. Clean, cheerful and especially clean. The sub-pages are "superfolded" in a very creative way, from the main menu, which makes you have the idea of browsing a menu. Nicely done.
Amici supports full-screen background images. Here you can enjoy using the atmosphere pictures of your restaurant or café, or just the food. Give your own atmosphere to this WordPress theme with colors, photos and content.
More information: Amici | DEMO

Platonic ($ 49)

A vintage WordPress restaurant theme should of course not be lacking. The vingate style has been popular for a long time, but is now just the highlight of the many restaurant and café themes for WordPress. The Platonic theme is responsive, contains a one-click demo content filler and gives you the ability to give your website a look of colors and photos. The Platonic menu (the dining menu, as a card) is unique and very nice. Platonic supports the Visual Composer plugin, includes a full-screen slider, leaving customers reviews and providing excellent first impression.

Find and Replace Text in WordPress

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There may be several reasons why you want to search and replace text on your WordPress website with one click. In this article, I focus on some ways you can easily find and replace words or phrases (also called find and replace ) without having to manually check many posts or pages.
The 'search and replace' function is widely used in many applications every day. Think of documents written with a word processor like Word or Pages, where there is a chance that a particular term that is repeated a lot may not be correct. In these word processors, it is, therefore, possible to perform a "search and replace" action with one click on the button, which means that you do not have to manually find and replace all the wrong text manually. Finding and replacing text in WordPress is more complicated because you often do not want to search on one page but on all of your pages. However, you can search and replace text in several ways without requiring technical knowledge.

Find and replace text with a WordPress plugin

Obviously, there is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily search words or phrases (also called strings ) on your entire website, and then replace them with a string you can enter. The plugin searches your database for the string you fill in and then replaces it. A plugin that allows you to do this is Search & Replace. However, before you think about a plugin, it's important that you first make a full  WordPress backup, so you can always get back - if something goes wrong.

Search & Replace WordPress plugin

The Search & Replace WordPress plugin is free to download in the plugin directory. This WordPress plugin has been downloaded more than a hundred thousand times and users are satisfied: Search & Replace gets on average 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. Features of this plugin include finding and replacing text in your WordPress database, changing the URL of your WordPress installation (backup first!), Creating database backup and restoring the database backup. Search & Replace also works on WordPress Multisite installations, allowing you to replace text on a single page with one click.

Find and replace text with SQL - Phpmyadmin

This solution is only suitable for the technicians who have knowledge of databases, SQL and PHPMyAdmin. Make a backup of your database (also in Phpmyadmin) before continuing. If you go to the database of your website in Phpmyadmin, you can apply SQL. To do this, click the "SQL" tab and enter the following text:
Before you run this script, you have to take care of some things. First of all, only the  wp_posts table will search, which will not change a text in other tables.